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San Diego Auto Insurance Fraud Attorney

The experienced criminal defense team at Ross Law Center will help guide you through the legal process if you are facing automobile insurance fraud. Our experts are prepared to defend your rights and assist you at this difficult and confusing time. Call today for a FREE consultation.

What is Auto Insurance Fraud?

Auto insurance fraud is a very serious offense, and the laws associated with it are complicated and complex. Some of the more common types of auto insurance fraud include:

• Accidents: exaggerating damage, intentionally creating damage, staging accidents, claiming damages which are unrelated to the accident or abandoning a car with intent in order to make money from a claim.

• Health/Injuries: exaggerating injuries related to an accident, claiming injuries which are unrelated to the accident, falsifying injury-related reports or claims.

• Workers’ Compensation: false-injury claims from accidents, which may result in a workers’ compensation claim.

• Falsifying state of residence in order to obtain a less-expensive policy.

What are the penalties?

A conviction for automobile insurance fraud in the state of California is a critical matter, and penalties can be severe. Most cases are considered wobblers, meaning that the prosecutor is able to charge the case as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on specifics of the case, including criminal history.  If the case is charged as a misdemeanor, penalties may include:

• informal probation.

• a maximum fine of up to $50,000 or twice the amount of the fraud, whichever is higher.

Felony penalties may include:

• formal probation, up to five (5) years in county jail, and a fine of up to $50,000; or, twice the amount of the fraud, whichever is greater.

Should I talk to an attorney if I’m accused of insurance fraud?

Insurance fraud is taken very seriously. It is often considered a severe crime due to the amount of money involved.  If you have been accused of auto insurance fraud, please do not hesitate to contact our experts at Ross Law Center to discuss your rights, defenses and what to expect with the California legal system. We are prepared to defend against personal, or group acts of insurance fraud.

How can we help?

Your criminal defense attorney at the Ross Law Center can use various defenses to get the best outcome possible for you. If you had no intention of committing auto insurance fraud, your attorney will help ensure that the prosecutor cannot prove that you intended to defraud and your case may be simply dropped.  Automobile insurance fraud claims are often difficult to prove because they revolve around circumstantial evidence.  Your defense attorney can work to highlight that circumstantial evidence, and fight to prove that the case has insufficient evidence. If the case warrants it, we can also help you with a plea bargain, allowing you the opportunity to receive a less severe charge, resulting in fewer penalties.

Getting arrested for auto insurance fraud does NOT necessarily mean that you will be charged with the crime. We invite you to contact the Ross Law Center today for your FREE consultation.

Recent Insurance Fraud Cases Handled By Our Law Firm

Case Result: Robert L.  October 2014

Client contacted the Ross Law Center after receiving a phone call from his insurance company regarding his recent claim that his vehicle was involved in an accident.  The insurance company claimed that the policy had lapsed and just a few days earlier the client’s wife called and reinstated the policy.  A day or so after the client filed a new vehicle accident and damage claim.. The insurance company alleged that the accident actually occurred while the insurance policy was actually cancelled due to non-payment.  The insurance company stated that an investigator from the company would be calling the couple and wanted then to come into an office and answer questions.  The couple immediately called Ross Law Center and scheduled a free case evaluation and consultation.  After reviewing the circumstances the couple retained the Law Firm and after several weeks Ross Law Center successfully mitigated the claim directly with the insurance company with nothing referred to the District Attorneys office.  If you or loved one find yourself in a similar situation DO NOT make any statements and call Ross Law Center to schedule your free consultation.

Case Result: Michael G.  December 2014

Client contacted Ross Law Center after a detective in the Vehicular/ Insurance Fraud Division came to his residence and left a card.  The client was being investigated for allergy taking a vehicle to Mexico and leaving it there and then several days later reporting it stolen.  The insurance company recovered the car and after their investigation referred the matter to s detective in the San Diego Police Department.  Client scheduled a free consultation and as of today Ross Law Center has carefully and thoughtfully avoided any charges from being filed as of this date.  The case is still under review and we are continuing to strive diligently to get the case turned down or rejected.  Don’t try to go it alone and make critical mistakes, if you’ve been contacted for any reason regarding insurance fraud, welfare fraud, state assistance fraud, or accused of fraud in the workplace, call Ross Law Center and schedule your Free Consultation today.

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