SCRAM is an acronym, which stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor.  The SCRAM device is composed of a tamper resistant bracelet that is worn around a persons ankle that can be imposed during the court process of a DUI or as a sentencing condition of a DUI.  The SCRAM unit will take hourly readings of a DUI offenders sweat for the presence of alcohol and then it will wirelessly transmit the results to a Modem or a monitor center at least once per day.  The technology behind the SCRAM device is known as transdermal alcohol testing.  Alcohol that is absorbed through the bloodstream is eliminated from the persons body by either metabolism or excretion by method of the breath, urine, sweat or saliva.  Studies have indicated that about 1% of ingested alcohol escapes through a process of insensible perspiration, an imperceptible ethanol vapor that passes through the skin.  In simple terms a person will break down a small amount of the alcohol through sweat.  The SCRAM unit attached to the alcohol detects this small presence of alcohol and will immediately report it to a monitoring center.

Judges will often order a DUI offender to wear a SCRAM device as a means of verifying compliance of a court order or may order it if the Judge sees the person as a public risk due to their criminal history.  As a practical matter, in Southern California DUI cases only implement the SCRAM device program if the offender has a previous conviction of DUI and the judge sees the offender as having a serious alcohol problem.  The judge may implement an order that requires the defendant to wear the SCRAM bracelet for a period of time that could range from 30 days to more then a year.  The length of time usually depends on several factors and the seriousness of the present DUI case, the defendant’s prior DUI history, and the pattern and practice of the offenders past.

The cost of the SCRAM unit is generally to be paid by the defendant.  However, the court may impose upon itself to cover part of the cost if the defendant shows that he/she is financially indigent.  The SCRAM device is difficult to remove however it is not impossible.  If the accused attempts to remove or tampers with the device then the regional monitoring center will be alerted and they in turn will notify the courts.

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