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Second DUI? San Diego lawyer discusses consequences, options

If you have previously been convicted for any charge related to driving under the influence (usually called DUI or DWI), then an arrest for a DUI in San Diego County can result in much-stronger penalties.

The counsel of a capable San Diego DUI attorney is particularly important to avoid a felony conviction. Call Ross Law Center, whose attorneys specialize in DUI and criminal defense. One of the best DUI defense lawyers in San Diego will discuss your arrest for a second DUI. Our initial consultation is at no charge.

Second DUI Penalties under California Law

A “second” DUI is defined as a drunk-driving conviction within 10 years of a first drinking and driving conviction. Penalties for a second DUI in California include:

    • Administrative Penalties, which are imposed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and are separate from criminal penalties. The DMV will suspend your license for a minimum of one year, and for up to two years.

    • Criminal Penalties:
    •  Between 90 days and one year in jail (this may be reduced through work service).
       A fine of $390 to $1,000.
       Three to five years of probation.
      Attendance at a DUI School for 18 months.

DUI and Criminal Defense Law

Given the potential penalties that can follow a second DUI arrest, it's vitally important to avoid a conviction by seeking the services of criminal defense attorney familiar with handling DUI cases in San Diego, Vista, and other cities in San Diego County.

Ross Law Center specializes in DUI and Criminal Defense Law, serving clients in San Diego, Vista, El Cajon, Oceanside, Chula Vista, and other San Diego County communities.

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