VC23578 DUI Over .15%

In additional to other circumstances and provisions, if a person is charged with a DUI and the Blood Alcohol Content is over .15% and is convicted of Vehicle Code 23152 or 23153, the court could make special requests or Enhancements to increase penalties. These penalties can differ not only between different counties but even by the different Superior Court within the county. Some examples of Enhancements may be the inclusion of possible jail time, higher fines, longer alcohol programs, and the installing and maintaining of an alcohol ignition device.

We handle and aggressively defend these types of cases everyday, and choosing an experienced and local attorney can swing the scales of justice in your favor. Cases involving DUI with a blood alcohol concentration over .15% also known as VC23578, must be carefully prepped and having an attorney with local experience can be even more crucial since the location of your case can make a substantial difference in the way your case is prosecuted. For example the Central District downtown may require an ignition interlock device, however Vista, South Bay and East County may not. Moreover, if you blood alcohol is over .20% then Vista may impose jail time whereby the other Superior Courts may impose Public Work Service or higher fines.

The experience and knowledge of the different prosecuting procedures in each of the different Superior Courts can give you crucial defense strategies when defending your case. If you have been arrested for DUI or any case involving alcohol or drugs it is important to call and schedule your free consultation before making any decisions or discussing your case with anyone. Its also recommended to write down any specific questions that you wish to share during your consultation and remember to bring all paperwork with you including bail bond papers (if applicable) the pink “admin per se” if the police took your drivers license, and any additional reports to your consultation. Lastly, try to remember specific details about your arrest, for instance which field sobriety tests you did, why you feel you were pulled over, were you read your Miranda Rights, and so forth and discuss those during your consultation. Remember to include any past traffic violations you may have or any alcohol related arrests even if you were not convicted, including public intoxication, prior DII arrests, traffic violations within the last 3 years, and also any violations in others states. Being completely transparent will allow the attorney to evaluate your case and make sure they have a plan that can help you in your specific type of case.